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"I signed up for Dana's Warrior Free Flow Zoom class and I had the most fun I had for the entire week! The joy and passion really exuded through Dana as she explained why we are empowering ourselves with several facts about self-defense as well as how the moves support our body and our personal power. With Dana's upbeat and positive attitude, I was able to feel my inner power in my own physicality and mix it with the joy of movement, dance, and music. It was a beautiful blend of the masculine and feminine in each of us and would love to work with Dana again!
Song Fields
Intuitive Holistic Healer
“I take your self-defense class and I bring my daughters because I hope they never find themselves in a situation where they may need these skills…but if they do, that they not freeze and recall to fight back and keep themselves safe. I bring them so they receive the mental assurance that they WILL NOT be anyone’s victim without a fight!”
Lydia Ross
Manages her pre-diabetic state with nutrition and exercise changes to avoid multiple medications.
“I can take this [information] to family, friends, loved ones…..teach them because it’s a cruel world out there.”
Josh Montalvan
Martial artist and aspiring future MMA fighter
"Dana, seriously, you made the difference for me because you kept me accountable. Kind of like seeing a therapist. How can you heal if you're not honest? You were tolerant and allowed me to make slow changes. Your support system is HUGE!"
empowered by dana testimonials staci
Staci Lanzillotta
Has kept 40+ pounds off for 5+ years and learned Muay Thai in her 50's!!
"With Dana, a whole new world has opened up for me. Time with her is good for the soul and body. Individual nutritional counseling has changed my awareness of eating. That's good for the whole family."
Empowered by dana testimonials Stephanie
Stephanie Wild
Regarding eating clean: "My thinking is so clear!! I never suspected I had anything like "brain fog" from my diet....I can hardly believe what I had accepted as normal. I'm calmer. I sleep better. My body is toned in a way it hasn't been before."
empowered by dana training 7
Emily Heffner
Massage therapist
“ A few years ago I was at a concert when a lady started making problems with our group. I am not a fighter, but something very important happened that night. I realized that I knew how and that I could protect myself if I had to fight! This is because of the self-defense and MMA training that I had received (and still receive) from Dana. This is something I now take with me everywhere. Knowing I can protect myself and even my loved ones. THAT is a truly EMPOWERING skill to have! “
April Hastings
Owner, Trinity Health and Wellness
“I think it’s so important to have as many skills as you can to defend yourself. I’m a kickboxing instructor and today I learned something completely new.”
Kristina Banfield
Wellness Consultant and Personal Trainer
Dana, just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful opportunity to experience ‘Warrior Flow’. Very enjoyable and informative.
Participant, virtual masterclass
empowered by dana testimonial

Thank you Dana!

I just like to give a shout out to my trainer and friend Dana. With her patience, knowledge, and focus for physical fitness and nutrition, she has inspired me to keep going with my personal fitness goals! I have been training with her for 2-1/2 years; I am strong, limber, and have unbelievable balance for just turning 64. I haven't shown off my arms in years...thank you Dana!

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