"I believe if you have the confidence to move your body well, protect yourself, and make ideal food choices, you are set up for success.

I'm here to help simplify the process."

About Me

When I began traveling, after being cautioned while in a dangerous city, I thought to myself, “What would I do if I were attacked?” I had no clue. It was not a good feeling. Soon after I got home, I signed up for Krav Maga, an Israeli based self defense practice.  I loved the feeling of learning how to protect myself.  When I added in strength training and saw how much this greatly improved my power, I was amazed.  Learning how to eat to fuel my body and  improve sleep & energy level took both of these trainings to the next level!  Through the process, I was also strengthening my mind which is where everything begins and ends.  I wanted to share this with everyone!

Handling challenges

A few years later, I had moved on to a mixed martial arts gym. I was working with a personal trainer. I put on muscle for the first time in my life at age 40. I felt even stronger. 

Then, I started developing numbness in my fingers. First, while sleeping, then progressing to continuously.  After a lot of medical tests, it turns out this was due to building muscle on top of poor posture. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to punch, kick, or teach others to do the things which made me feel so vibrant. With the help of an intuitive physical therapist, my symptoms were gone after several months.

I had also found myself unhappy in my career in the medical field. The same physical therapist is also a life coach. He was instrumental in giving me the courage to drastically change careers and enter the fitness industry. Now, I was sharing my passions and felt enthusiastic about going to work daily again.

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Becoming stronger

My experiences have led me to become passionate about aiding others in achieving their own unique goals. I want to give others the help that I received when I was scared but determined to succeed. It can feel overwhelming to know where to start.  I’m here to help simplify the process. I’d love to connect with you and begin your empowerment journey TODAY!