Why Is Self Defense So Important For Women?

Every day, either on social media or on television, you may hear about women being victimized. There are many stories of women that are assaulted sexually or a randomly attacked by strangers as well as by people known to them. The world is changing and becoming more unpredictable, particularly for you as a woman. The 2020 pandemic has increased the number of calls into help centers, sadly. As such, self defense training is one of the most needed and a must on your to-do list. In the crime world, self-defense training is recommended, so that you can ideally prevent and/or resist any kind of threats. Here are the reasons why self-defense training with Empowered By Dana is so important for you as a woman.

Reasons for self defense classes

You may have grown up, like me, with no exposure to the importance of personal protection, either physically or emotionally. As women, we may fail to protect ourselves when faced with violence (often sexual) and random attacks whether they are physical or mental. The main reason for this failure is fear. We fear that we are not strong enough, not trained in fighting, or too small defend ourselves. If you are on this planet, you are WORTHY of self protection! Your mindset is your most important weapon. Here are a few reasons for joining a self defense training community.

High Confidence Level

Self-defense offers many benefits to you as a women, but particularly it improves your confidence level. Many people think self-defense classes provide primarily physical benefits to women. While this is an amazing skill set, the main training is for your mind. For instance, if you are a college student, you might walk to classes with fear of men harassing you. Social media, where everyone voices their opinion openly, is also a common cause of low self-esteem in some women. I get it, I was once there. While in Johannesburg, South Africa in 2009, I had NO idea what I would do if I were to fall victim to an attack. When I got home, I soon looked into training to learn how to keep myself safe.

Deciding that you will NOT be a victim enables you to carry yourself differently. This translates into less of a chance of you being chosen as someone’s prey in the first place. Instead of walking with fear to your classes or the bank, etc., you will walk with courage. Believe me, people see and feel this from you. It was incredible to feel this change after I began taking Krav Maga classes over a decade ago. No matter your size, age, level of athleticism, gender, or coordination, you will gain confidence from self-defense classes. This is the most common feedback I receive from participants and it lights me up!

Safety through Self defense

Of course, a main reason to take self defense training is to gain a set of fundamentals in order to protect yourself. Every single body has built in bony weapons. And, every single person, no matter how big and strong they are, has soft targets. Learn to use your natural reactions if faced with a sudden attack to improve your chances of a successful outcome. Believe it or not, the hope with self defense training is to never have to use it. We will discuss how to increase your awareness out in life. That little voice inside your head telling you that something isn’t right? We’ll learn how to trust it and listen to it. Avoiding conflict in the first place is the ultimate goal. However, not going to lie, it is fun to learn proper techniques to punching and kicking! 🙂

Empowerment for women

At Empowered By Dana, we are more than just a school of holistic self defense. We are also a community of women who strive for the same goals around self-confidence, self-love and women empowerment. By being with each other and working on our goals, we become stronger as a group to support each other in individual goals and find our inner warrior. Join us and make new friends while having a lot of fun and learning valuable information that you can go out and share with your family.

Let’s begin YOUR empowerment journey!

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