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Self-defense - Training - Nutrition


I base self defense instruction off of a blend of the following:


“Your mind-set is your primary weapon”-Jeff Cooper.

It needs training just like your body.  Practicing confidence and affirmations can go even further than perfect technique. Whether you believe you can or can’t, you’re right. We’ll focus on knowing that you WILL NOT be a victim! This translates to many other areas of life, too.

Tony Blauer’s SPEAR System

As a PDR affiliate of the SPEAR system, I’ll prove to you that no matter your size, athleticism, or age, you ARE a human weapon system (credit to Coach Blauer.)  We will unpack how to utilize your innate body reactions to keep you and your loved ones safer in the event that you are left with no other options.  

This system is holistic and encompasses much more than strikes and kicks. I’ll show you how to defend all areas of your life, leaving you feeling stronger, calmer, and more in control of that inner voice that loves to derail you.

Krav maga

Krav Maga was originally founded for the Israeli military as a system that could be taught quickly and easily. Every technique has to be both simple and effective. This is the first discipline that I trained in.

I first learned how to find my inner fighter in Krav classes, should the need ever arise. I’ll show you some basic moves throughout our training that work for every single body.  

Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed martial arts (MMA) incorporates boxing, kicking, and ground grappling called jiu-jitsu. I have trained in MMA under the former UFC heavyweight champion and Hall of Famer, Bas Rutten since early 2012.

Although MMA is a sport with rules (unlike true self defense), there are many aspects that are applicable to self-defense. Learning the proper form for throwing a punch, kick, and elbow are incorporated into my training. Strength training increases power which directly translates into your being more effective at protecting yourself.  


How we move our body in the gym, a group exercise class, or any other form of organized fitness should help everyday life. Functional training will make you stronger and more efficient at everything from picking up your kids to lifting boxes overhead to place on shelves. Gearing your program towards improving your specific hobbies is fun for me.

Learning how strength training improves defending yourself is really freaking cool. Aligning your mind with your body is key! I’ll show you all of this in my various programs. 


Having abundant energy, a stellar immune system, and uplifting your mindset begins with fueling your body with nutritious food. There is SO much information out there that you can easily end up overwhelmed.

I’ll help you to simplify. By eating primarily single ingredient, whole foods (vegetables, meats, nuts for example) versus processed foods, you set your mind and your body up for success. I will help develop a customized meal plan based on your lifestyle and activity level.