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Self-defense - Training - Nutrition


I base my self defense instruction off of three main things:


Our minds can either help us or hurt us. It needs training just like our body does.  Practicing confidence and affirmations is something I’ve learned goes even further than perfect technique. Whether you believe you can or can’t, you’re right. I focus on believing that you CAN and you WILL be successful!

Krav maga

Krav Maga was originally founded for the Israeli military as a system that could be taught quickly and easily. Every technique has to be both simple and effective. This was the first discipline that I trained in. I learned how to find my inner fighter for self-preservation, should the need ever arise. While it takes years of practice with another person simulating attacks to master Krav Maga, I hope to show you some basic moves throughout my training videos. There are techniques you can begin to learn while exercising that cross over into self-defense.  Who knows, maybe someday you will search out a studio near you that teaches Krav Maga.

Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed martial arts (MMA) incorporates boxing, kicking, and ground grappling called jiu-jitsu. I have trained in MMA under the former UFC heavyweight champion and Hall of Famer, Bas Rutten since early 2012. Although MMA is a sport with rules (unlike Krav Maga), there are many aspects that are applicable to self-defense. Learning the proper form for throwing a punch, kick, and elbow are a few things that are incorporated into my training videos. Strength training increases power which directly translates into your being more effective at protecting yourself.  


How we move our body in the gym, outdoors, in a group exercise class, or any other form of organized fitness should translate into everyday life. Functional training will make you stronger and more efficient at everything from picking up boxes to lifting items overhead to place on shelves. Gearing your training towards improving your hobbies is something that I enjoy. And, of course, demonstrating in the strength movements how they tie in conceptually to defending yourself is what I am very passionate about. Aligning your mind with your training is key! I’ll show you all of this in my membership programs. No contract required, reasonably priced.


Having abundant energy, a stellar immune system, and uplifting your mindset begins with fueling your body with nutritious food.  By eating primarily single ingredient, whole foods (vegetables, meats/fish, fruits, nuts, beans as examples) versus packaged and processed foods, you set your mind and your body up for success. I will help develop a customized meal plan based on your lifestyle and activity level. Warning: meal prep IS part of being prepared!