Now Self-Defense Training can come to you!

Now Self-Defense Training can come to YOU!

You have a busy life and career, but you want to take protection of your self and family seriously. You may even own firearms in case of intruders. But have you thought of getting specialized, in-home or on-site training that can help you whether or not you have a weapon in hand, and even keep you out of danger BEFORE tragedy occurs?

You could take a large group class, but will you get the individualized attention you need to become really EFFECTIVE at defending yourself?

And what about your family? Your partner? Your children? They need training too. But the hassle of schlepping everything and everyone to the gym, plus the cost of multiple memberships is just… UGH. Not practical.

Here’s where I come in. With my in-home and on-site self defense training, I can give you the individualized training for you and your group in the comfort of your home, backyard, place of business, organization, anywhere you choose! Save yourself the drive time, and get to the good part by having me be your personal Mr. Miyagi — your personal Master Yoda =)

Here’s why in-home training is right for you:

  • You have a group or family that can all benefit from personalized training and mentorship
  • You or your children have special needs and training in the privacy of your home is so much more comfortable for everyone
  • You want to train at home as a small group, with your girlfriends as a form of exercise and skill training, or, with couples as a bi-weekly couples night
  • You are more of an introvert and would feel much more comfortable practicing in front of your loved ones, small group, (or no one!)
  • You want to practice real-life scenarios in your home, tailoring your practice to your home’s layout, and unique setting
  • You simply don’t have the time to drive in California traffic, for 55+ minutes there and back, to receive your training

When I come to your home, we can take the time needed to tailor your training specifically to you:

  • Your size
  • Your gender
  • Your level of athleticism (whatever that may be)
  • Your unique challenges / abilities
  • If you have no weapon in hand
  • The types of situations you may find yourself in

What you can expect in your personal, in-home lessons:

  • A relaxed, calm environment of YOUR choosing
  • Skill teaching that builds – at YOUR pace
  • Clear explanations and demonstrations – as many times as YOU need, so that you can get the techniques practiced CORRECTLY
  • Safe, mindful teaching that helps you excel quickly. My clients who train weekly with me gain a SOLID, PRACTICAL self defense skillset in about only 6 months
  • Honest discussions about real-life scenarios, and mental preparedness for dangerous situations
  • A non-judgmental environment where all ages, genders and abilities can freely make mistakes without shame or embarassment
  • Personalized help with fitness and nutrition, if you want sessions to resemble more of a fitness session

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • MINDSET. A winning mindset that will keep you out of danger, BEFORE it happens
  • Win on your feet, on the ground, in “real-life” settings
  • How to walk with confidence and a keen sense of surroundings to spot danger, and avoid it
  • How to NOT look like a victim (therefore not be CHOSEN)
  • How to not live in fear but be best prepared for the worst
  • PRACTICAL, USEFUL techniques that you can use immediately
  • How to achieve overall wellness – mind, body, spirit
  • How to achieve and maintain physical fitness

Here’s what you WON’T learn:

  • Complicated and impractical moves
  • Unrealistic movie-style martial arts
  • Katas, belts, forms
  • Sport fighting
  • Moves and information that don’t immediately serve and benefit you

On-site Group Training for up to 10 People
90 Minute Workshop

In-home, place of business, private organization, your choice of location within 30 mile radius of Westlake Village
$ 1500 Add additional attendees, only $99 per person.
  • Complete in-person, on-site / group session with Dana Hernandez
  • Includes training equipment and travel up to 30 mile radius from Westlake Village. Inquire about further locations.

"Dana knows how far to push you to your limits all the while telling you to listen to your body. As we all know, working out isn’t enough. Dana encourages heathy eating but doesn’t guilt you when you occasionally slip. You definitely aren’t alone in your fitness journey when you have her as your trainer."

"The tools Dana teaches me allow me to feel more secure and protected when I'm alone. Also the group learning environment lets me practice new techniques with a partner, so I get to feel the moves. As a personal Trainer, Dana follows up and keeps me accountable for reaching my goals!"

Don't wait! Let's get started with your in-home or on-site sessions now.

Take personal control of your fitness and safety

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