OLD–6 Week Badass Warrior Virtual Program

Do you want to be average, or savage?

Here's how average women in their mid life are finally becoming the Badass Warriors they were meant to be!

6 Week Total Warrior Transformation with Dana Hernandez

I am Dana, and I’m here to show you how all this is possible.

My one-of-a-kind 6 week program sparks ripples of change in your life that become tidal waves of transformation – all starting with small consistent adjustments. I’ll teach you the habits that will help you completely transform your life. No more sifting through hours of confusing social media hype. My 6 Week virtual, live program will provide you with the systems and accountability  you need to help you achieve “Badass Warrior Goddess” status in your life!

I utilize time-honored techniques and traditions of Martial Arts to not only help you to control your thoughts, but also change the behaviors and habits that shape your ENTIRE life. You’ll also learn how to avoid dangerous situations, become empowered and to defend yourself if faced with a threat.

This is the ONLY training of its kind out there right now. I am holding NOTHING back from teaching you how to finally take hold of your life, rule your thoughts, and believe in your badass power!

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The best part? It all happens in the comfort of your home. 
I know you’re busy. You’ve got obligations as a female: career, family, social life… My 6 week program saves your drive time and gas money and fast-tracks you to the good part. Let’s get to it!

Imagine finally being in the driver’s seat of your life. 
Feeling like YOU are driving your life, instead of life driving YOU. Imagine what you can accomplish when you finally have dominion over your thoughts and your habits. When you master the discipline to fit back into your jeans without “sucking it in”, or to play soccer in the yard with the kids without pain in your body. 

Imagine… enjoying uplifting, positive relationships with friends, coworkers, and partners, setting boundaries without guilt; showing your kids how to thrive because YOU’RE thriving
Finally, you can see a light at the end of the never-ending merry-go-round of “do the same thing, get the same result.” I know you’re tired of it. It’s time to do something different and let me come alongside you, teach you, coach you, hold you accountable on the greatest journey you’ll ever take!

My 6 Week Total Warrior Transformation is for you if:

Not only will you get my 6 Week Virtual Course with LIVE classes every week, you ALSO get 6 LIVE BONUS Q&A Coaching Sessions with me!

**LIVE ** BONUS COACHING CHECKPOINTS throughout our journey to address your challenges and celebrate your victories!

Valued at $1200 ($200/session), YOURS FREE!

But it doesn’t end there! When you sign up today, you’ll also get Access to my BONUS 3-Part Course

“Self Defense for all Abilities and Sizes” This virtual course is my gift to you, to keep and even share!

The value of this course is $244, YOURS FREE!

The Details:

This complete 6-week course begins Tuesday, December 13th at 12 noon PST, and each Tuesday at 12 noon (Except the week of Dec 26th).

LIVE Coaching Q&A Bonus begins December 15th and is held at 12 noon PST every Thursday (Except the week of Dec 26th).

6 Week Total Warrior Transformation Virtual Course

Transform your life by developing a Warrior Mindset - PLUS get my FREE BONUS 3 Part Course!
This course is regularly $2444, but when you join me today, I will extend to you my one-time FOUNDER'S PRICE of only
$ 497 WAS $2444
  • Complete 6 Week Course of LIVE Virtual Coaching and Training once a week (a $997 Value), PLUS
  • 6 weeks Q & A Sessions (a $1200 Value), PLUS
  • EXTRA BONUS WITH FOUNDER'S SIGNUP: My 3-Part Course (a $247 Value), "Self-Defense Training You Can Actually Use" which is yours to keep, absolutely FREE!!
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What other badass warrior women are saying...

"Dana knows how far to push you to your limits all the while telling you to listen to your body. As we all know, working out isn’t enough. Dana encourages heathy eating but doesn’t guilt you when you occasionally slip. You definitely aren’t alone in your fitness journey when you have her as your trainer."
Rosemarie W.
"Dana's warmth, energy, and knowledge shines through even in a virtual setting. I wasn't sure how taking self-defense virtually would work but the way she does it makes you feel like she's right there in the room with you! Dana teaches you how to use your natural reactions and your body to defend against an attacker so you gain confidence knowing you don't have to be a martial arts or MMA expert to keep yourself safe."
Reahna J.
"The tools Dana teaches me allow me to feel more secure and protected when I'm alone. Also the group learning environment lets me practice new techniques with a partner, so I get to feel the moves. As a personal Trainer, Dana follows up and keeps me accountable for reaching my goals!"
Staci L.