Dana in front of kettle bells

Are you ready to take control of your life with the support of other like minded, determined ladies?
Allow me to help guide as you learn to fuel your body and mind, and honor yourself with movement.
This group is for all levels, all ages, and every body.  It runs for 4 weeks at a time, at a price of only $127.

The focus is on:
optimal nutrition, functional movement, self defense based cardio, and cultivating a healthy mindset. If you are
serious about weight/ fat loss, creating more energy, optimizing sleep, getting rid of cravings, and muscle gain.
Each week you can look forward to two live 30 minute work outs, two live 15 minute meditations, assistance with macro counting, utilizing the free app, My Fitness Pal. I’ll also include an additional TBA bonus event each weekend.
Start your journey today!
join us! 

Now is the best time to honor the only body you’ll ever have.  

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