Warrior Flow
The ultimate self defense dance virtual program​​

Unleash your inner warrior goddess: Get fit while learning how to fight back!

My one-of-a-kind course teaches you to connect with yourself and transform like never before by combining self-defense, dance and music – even if you’re new to working out and have never been a great dancer! 

Hi, my name is Dana Hernandez,
Self Defense Instructor, Personal Trainer, and Veterinarian.

Dana palm strike

When I began my self defense journey in 2010, I uncovered my inner warrior who protects me. After combining self defense training with strength training, my power went to the next level. Once I incorporated Breathwork, mindset and body movement, all areas of my life skyrocketed! In my 6 week course, I’ve distilled over a decade of knowledge so that you get the cheat-code to complete wellness!

You KNOW you always feel more energized when you move your body. You have felt the delight of dancing before. You miss the days where you could blast some tunes and dance in the kitchen, shaking off every concern. But ever since you became a mother, you just can’t seem to fully relax. You walk the world with concern for your personal safety and the safety of your children- especially nowadays. Let’s be honest, you’d give yourself more time to just let loose and move but you just don’t feel ‘carefree’ enough.

You’re not alone. 

I’m here to tell you that prioritizing yourself, and your family’s well being and safety AND life’s tasks is totally possible!!

Imagine this: When you decide to take pockets of time for yourself while learning a new skill, you now have the energy, awareness, and joy to tackle your many responsibilities with a renewed sense of confidence.

This can be a reality because that is exactly what I have helped so many clients with!

Now it’s your turn – 

With my knowledge of the human body, I will help you to incorporate strong, defensive (and offensive) postures rhythmically to music that translate to self protection & functions in your every day life.  Uncover how utilizing the power of your breath and your mind will take you to new physical levels.  Feel the energy of group support, while honoring our bodies with movement.  You will be inspired to explore your own creativity as you unfold the rebirthing of your warrior within! Best yet, all of this will take place in your own living room. 

You will connect with your entire being: body, mind & soul.  My passion is empowering you to uncover your inner badass and finally live the authentic, powerful story you were meant to live!

Give yourself the priceless gift of health. 

 Join Warrior Flow 1.0: Revolutionary 6 week masterclass – Fitness fusion of self defense tactics, dance, & breathwork and go from surviving to THRIVING!

Because the truth is, if you choose to keep pushing, going, and forcing more & more, your relationships with family friends and your own health will suffer.

It’s time to NOT learn the hard way (like I did) years down the line and choose to make a change to the new, empowered you NOW!

WARNING: This isn’t for people who are not willing to change daily habits. 

This program is for those who are serious about taking charge of their whole health lifestyle while utilizing the power of play to express their uniqueness, gain self defense tactics, and release stress.

When is the best time to make positive, lifelong changes? Last year.
When is the next best time? Now.

Let me come alongside you to help you get the results you’ve been after for years. 
Finally see transformation in your body, mind, and personal safety.


The only course of its kind that offers usable self-defense combined with dance movement and wellness support
  • BONUS #1: LIVE weekly group coaching call, Fridays at 12 noon - 1 pm PST. $1050 value!
    Join each week to master the dance routine, receive coaching on a topic chosen by the group, plus get Q & A on self defense, exercise, or nutrition.
    If you can’t make it live, the recording will be posted for you to rewatch at your leisure.
    NOTE: Week 6 coaching call will be on Thurs Oct 26 (instead of Friday).
  • BONUS #2: Pre-recorded course “Self Defense for all Abilities & Sizes.” $177 value!
    In this course, I show you how use your innate tools to protect yourself in three short modules. Applicable for everyone and usable for your whole family. Yours to keep forever!
  • WAS $997 • NOW ONLY $797
limited time

For things to change, you have to change.

- Jim Rohn,

motivational speaker and mentor to Tony Robbins.

LIVE Weekly virtual group meeting where you will master a self defense dance kata in a judgement-free zone.  All sessions will be recorded so you can repeat over and over.

The group features a private Facebook page to post all questions relating to our topics, watch replays of the recordings, and support each other on our whole health journey.

Beginning September 20th, Wednesdays, from 4  – 5 pm PST. We will train every Wednesday for 6 weeks. (End date: October 25.)

ONLINE, Zoom.  Join from any location where you have space to move, dance, and laugh!

What my students say about this course:

“I'm so grateful for Dana's self defense seminar because the tools she teaches me allow me to feel more secure & protected when I am alone. As a personal trainer, Dana follows up with me & keeps me accountable for reaching my health & fitness goals! I highly recommend Dana!!!”
Staci L.
“I highly recommend this for everybody, for knowledge. It’s life changing. Being prepared, being aware…you don’t know who could attack you or what’s going to happen. And, everybody can do it.”
Erin Fuller, Kickboxing instructor & mother
“Dana was very attentive to everyone online. I thought it was really easy to follow along. Dana kept it really fun. I highly recommend it. You’re going to learn a lot.”
Renah, Gym owner & Personal Trainer extraordinaire

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