Be Your Own Heroine: The Ultimate Self-Defense Dance & Breathwork Course


Fitness blend of self-defense, dance & breathwork for a holistic, fun experience promoting empowerment and body appreciation through music and spirituality – even if you're not a dancer and you're brand new to working out!

Want to feel safer in your body and when you leave your house? I Will help you!


Get ready to break a sweat, learn empowering self-defense techniques, and dance to the rhythm of powerful beats all at once!  

You’ll burn calories, tone your muscles, and improve your balance and flexibility in a safe & supportive environment.

Tap into the immense power of Breathwork & watch it catapult multiple areas of your life.

Plus, you’ll have FUN dancing to inspiring music and learning movements that develop functional strength which translate into real-life activities.

This program provides an opportunity for you to connect with other like-minded ladies who are committed to their fitness and confidence building goals. And, I am here to guide & support you. 

I’ll help you feel more positive and empowered in many aspects of your life. Self defense encompasses much more than strikes & kicks. By developing the skills to protect yourself in dangerous situations, you will feel more in control and less vulnerable in today’s uncertain world.


Empowering women through: Community. Self defense. Dance. Breathwork.

My story:

DANA Hernandez

Your teacher, Dana Hernandez

Self Defense Teacher/ Personal Trainer / Veterinarian

At age 41, I was practicing self defense, martial arts, lifting weights & I had FINALLY put some muscle on my body for the first time ever. Then, I began to have constant numbness in my hands & low back pain. After visiting multiple doctors, I decided to try physical therapy instead of getting carpal tunnel surgery that a neurologist recommended. I was appalled at the seemingly simple things that my body could not do. I mean, I was kicking butt & taking names (or so I thought) and I wasn’t WALKING correctly?!  Talk about having to start at ground zero! I would cry during the sessions, totally unaware of the deep connection between our physical body and our emotional health.  Now, after years of growth and mastery, I would like to help YOU on your path to honoring both your body & mind with movement, spirituality, and self love.

This course is designed to be beginner friendly, even if you have no prior self defense or dance experience - and still be just as powerful for the seasoned woman who wants to improve her mind body connection!

These life-changing facebook LIVE sessions will take place on October 16th, 17th & 18th, all at 4-5 pm PST!

Before these 3 days you may feel:

After this incredible event you will have:

Don’t just take MY word for it, see what women just like you are saying about coaching with me:

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For anyone who wants to feel extreme joy and empowerment, this is for you! Not only do we learn how to protect our bodies from physical assault , we are also happily taught how to THINK about protecting our precious families and use our minds to protect and run. This is the most electrifying course I’ve ever taken. Imagine laughing so hard whilst learning to get out of a dangerous situation? Nothing intimidating or judgmental - ONLY encouragement and compassion. Amazing vibes!!
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I learned a lot from Dana's virtual Self-Defense class. Dana was very knowledgeable and I appreciated that she did not dance around the topic of assault. She was appropriately serious when the situation required but also brought some levity to a very important and difficult subject. The technique she teaches is very easy to understand and accessible to people of varying abilities. I feel a whole lot safer and more empowered after having taken Dana's class. I feel confident that I have the ability to protect myself if the situation ever arises.
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By far the most practical, effective self-defense class I have ever taken! Dana's warmth, energy, and knowledge shines through-- even in a virtual setting. I wasn't sure how taking self-defense virtually would work, but the way she does it makes you feel like she's right there in the room with you. Dana teaches you how to use your natural reactions and your body to defend against an attacker so you gain confidence knowing you don't have to be a martial arts or MMA expert to keep yourself safe. Highly recommend this virtual class!

Ready to join forces? This course is perfect for women of all ages and fitness levels, with or without prior experience in self defense, martial arts, or dance.

you are worth 3 hours of valuable time to Reconnect with Your Inner Warrior!

start here, now.

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